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Full-Cycle Software Development services


Wireless Connectivity & Management Services for Solutions Providers through a free cloud based “Carrier Integrated Portal.”

There are many options for connectivity nowadays, whether you’re using a phone, tablet, telematic, or smart device. VConnect Business Connections offers stand-alone and pooled plans for, Data, IoT, and M2M connectivity services to solution providers.We connect you on Asia’s fastest 4G LTE Network. Use our free platform to create custom wireless connectivity plans for your solutions. Launch, Manage and Monetize your wireless solutions and offerings, using our easy to use portal and outstanding support and expertise.


VConnect IoT offers the lowest wireless rates for IoT data plans in the industry.

IoT Wireless, IoT Cellular and IoT Mobile all refer to delivering and data over a wireless network using an IoT data plan from a wireless provider. Cellular IoT connectivity fits well in specific use cases such as connected cars or fleet management in transportation and logistics. For example, in-car infotainment, traffic routing, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) alongside fleet telematics and tracking services can all rely on the ubiquitous and high bandwidth cellular connectivity. 5G with high-speed mobility support and ultra-low latency is positioned to be the future of autonomous vehicles and augmented reality. 5G will also enable real-time video surveillance for public safety, real-time mobile delivery of medical data sets for connected health, and several time-sensitive industrial automation applications in the future. Machine-to-machine (M2M) activity may soon make up the bulk of your wireless gadgets on a network. Cisco’s forecast indicates that IoT M2M devices will account for 51% of all networked devices by 2022, with most of them connecting to a network wirelessly. Solution providers can gain a substantial competitive edge by driving down their connectivity costs. Launch your solutions on the fastest 4G LTE and 5G network in the industry.


Wireless connectivity continues to transform how companies leverage technology to conduct business.

VConnect IoT offers a range of wireless connectivity services that solution providers, dealers, agents, and resellers can leverage across their customers’ respective industries.

With industry-specific wireless connectivity services, solution providers can easily deliver data connectivity that enhances their offering. Help your customers improve their bottom line and streamline processes.


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