Wireless Connectivity & Management Services for Solutions Providers through a free cloud based “Carrier Integrated Portal.”

There are many options for connectivity nowadays, whether you’re using a phone, tablet, telematic, or smart device. VConnect Business Connections offers stand-alone and pooled plans for , Data, IoT and M2M connectivity services to solution providers. Use our free platform to create custom wireless connectivity plans for your solutions. Launch, Manage and Monetize your wireless solutions and offerings, using our easy to use portal and outstanding support and expertise.

IoT & M2M Connectivity Services :

Intelligent connected objects are increasingly required to collect or exchange very small volumes of data with remote devices. 

VConnect offers IoT & M2M connectivity plans that will fit the specific requirement of your solution or application. VConnect’s IoT platform provides complete control over an IoT deployment’s entire life cycle. Activate, manage and bill with speed and accuracy. VConnect offers the most aggressive IoT rate plans in the industry.

Connectivity Services:

In a world of rapidly advancing technology and communication tools, why limit yourself or your customers? Our Services offer unlimited or pooled , data and sms options, plus a variety of additional benefits for business customers. Build your solution with us to reduce costs and increase profits.